Little Love Stickers (2″ x 1.5″) I Love You Pass It On

$5.00 USD

Now available with FREE shipping. These cute little love stickers are great way to spread more smiles, in your own home and in public places too. Offered in packs of 25 stickers.

1 pack (25 stickers) $5.00
5 packs (125 stickers) $15.00
20 packs (500 stickers) $45.00

Quantity discounts are automatically applied when 5 or more sticker packs are added to your cart.




Stickers are made with quality paper stock with a gloss coat finish and come with with an extra strong adhesive on the back for a long lasting stick. Stickers are 2″ wide by 1.5″ tall and are individually die cut on peel away paper.

Please note: These are primarily indoor stickers, though they will hold up outdoors for a couple weeks or more.

10% of every purchase made on this website is donated to ILYPIO’s Pay It Forward Fund.

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