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  • ILYPIO is an acronym for I Love You Pass It On
  • ILYPIO is a Canadian registered clothing company
  • ILYPIO is inspiring more love & kindness
  • ILYPIO is an online shop & blog

Hello You! 🙂 My name is Shawn Jason. I am a lover of life living in Toronto, Canada and am the founder of this crazy little thing called ILYPIO (I Love You Pass It On). In the spring of 2016, a strong desire to help this world become a more peaceful, kind & loving place for all was what inspired me to quit my job as a carpenter and start building this project. It’s been quite the adventure already, and things are only just getting started! Thank you for being here.

Energy Is Contagious

We all know energy is contagious and that words are influential. We also know that what we focus on is what we create more of in this world. So with this in mind I printed up a bunch of love shirts that simply said “I LOVE YOU, PASS IT ON” and asked my friends to buy them and wear them. Well they did, and they loved them!

Actually it turns out a LOT of people really love these love shirts! Many of my friends bought them, then their friends started buying them too, and soon I had sold over 1000 shirts to people around the globe!

I also printed up business cards that say “I Love You Pass It On” on them and those too have been a big hit! So far over 50,000 love cards have been sprinkled around in 250 communities worldwide. People really love and enjoy passing out and receiving these little love notes.

Pay It Forward Fund

While I believe it is powerful and effective to put these good vibes shirts on people all around the world, I really wanted to do even more good for the world. So with that intention in mind I started ILYPIO’s Pay It Forward Fund (formerly The Good Deeds Fund). 10% of all shirt and card sales are put into this fund. So not only do you get a great shirt, your purchase also gives back to the world in positive ways.

ILYPIO’s Pay It Forward Fund is used to help the homeless, the hungry & the less fortunate. It is also used to create events & projects intended to inspire more ripples of love & kindness in the world. Additionally this fund is used to support the good work of others, all around the globe.

Here is one of our videos of ILYPIO’s Pay It Forward Fund in action:

Make The Movement Move

Will you sprinkle some love cards around your community? Will you wear our love shirts to help slather your area with vibes of love? This project is growing quickly and it is because of all the love & support from people like you. If you love what we are doing, please consider placing an order and/or sharing this site and it’s pages everywhere you can.

Together we are truly making a difference.

Thank you. I Love You. Pass it on.

Shawn Jason,
Founder of ILYPIO
>>> facebook.com/shawnjason
>>> facebook.com/iloveyoupassiton